• Exhibitor: GRUPO JAENCOOP
  • Brand name: ORO DE GÉNAVE
  • Organic

In 1986, a small group of farmers from the municipality of Génave —a region within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Segura—, began a new way of life that made them the pioneers of organic farming in Spain.Since then, more farmers have joined with a clear goal: to care for consumer health, while respecting the environment. This has made ORO DE GENAVE an example in the world of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil with golden green color, it has a fruity green with clean tomato plant and apple notes with hints of freshly cut grass and green almonds. Its flavour is fresh, with Green notes and an elegant and balaced bitterness and spiciness, because of its natural antioxidants.

High natural antioxidant content, Vitamine E and polyphenols which provides it a high stability.

Its fresh aroma and fruity taste make it specially recommended for using it raw, in salads, toasts, as well as in meats and fishes once dished up.

Jaencoop Group, the second largest cooperative group producer and trader of olive oil worldwide.Always at the forefront of innovation and development of new techniques and research related to olive oil farming, the quality in olive oil extraction process and olive oil derivatives uses.

A reference in the olive oil sector to enhance agricultural cooperation and caring tradition and origin of olive culture.

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