Torres Tasting

Under the title of “Ancestral varieties against climate change”, Miguel Torres Maczassek, 5th generation in charge of Familia Torres, conducts this special tasting, revealing the result of a project initiated decades ago that recovers and preserves ancestral types of grape while also contributing to the fight against climate change.

More than 35 years ago, Miguel A. Torres, father of the director of this tasting, begun the search of vines which had survived phylloxera, with the main objective of elaborating wines based on uniqueness and authenticity and so enhancing their history and viticulture diversity. The recovery of these vines is also part of Familia Torres commitment to the fight against climate change, intensified since 2008 through actions of adaptation and mitigation to reduce CO2 emissions. Along three decades, Familia Torres managed to recover more than 50 types of ancestral grapes to finally conclude that at least six of them prove to have a great winemaking potential and strength enough to face high temperatures and droughts. So, the following step was to elaborate quality wines with Moneu, Gonfaus, Pirene, Querol y Garró; these last two, already used in the coupage for Grans Muralles.

Celebrating the 150 Anniversary of the winery as well, its CEO includes in this tasting five special wines as a result of this enlightening project.

  • Forcada 16 (DO Penedès)
  • Moneu 18 (DO Penedès)
  • Pirene 18
  • Gonfaus 18
  • Grans Muralles 15 (DO Conca de Barberà)

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