8 Gourmets Round Tables - Emerging and advanced chefs

The 1st Round Table on Gastronomy organized by Grupo Gourmets more than 40 years ago discussed the gastronomic situation and repercussion at the time. The gathering of top French cuisine representatives, such as Paul Bocuse and Raymond Oliver, along with national chefs like Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana paved the way for the current splendour of national gastronomy and laid the basis of the New Spanish Cuisine.

This year at its 8th edition the chosen topic focuses on emerging and advanced chefs, bringing together not only those who are making their way into the gastronomic world but also those who are just about to consolidate. The topics covered reflect the current situation of gastronomy, such as veganism, restaurants km.0 or healthy cuisine. Also combined with learning, experience, cutting-edge techniques and heritage of traditional cuisine. A commitment to the new figures of the stoves that will explain and debate their current and future perspectives on the gastronomic world.

So far, confirmed chefs are:

- David Oliva, Back Tapas&Restaurant (Marbella, Málaga)

- Toño Rodríguez, Quema (Zaragoza)

- Juanma Salgado,Dromo (Badajoz)

- Jesús Monedero, Palio (Ocaña, Toledo)

- José Antonio Sánchez, Villa antonia-Els Vents (Sant Joan d´Alacant, Alicante)

- Lucía Freitas, A Tafona (A Coruña)

- Begoña Fraire, Étimo (Madrid)

- David López, Local de Ensayo (Puente Tocinos, Murcia)

- Rebeca Barainca y Jorge Asenjo, Galerna Jan Edan Jatetxea (Donostia)

- María Martínez Galar, Enekorri (Navarra)


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