27 Ham Cutting Contest / Dehesa de Extremadura

A traditional contest in Salón Gourmets, its first edition took place in 1994, and 27 editions later is one of the most awaited. Six contestants compete to prove their cutting skills facing a jury of professionals that values factors such as: thickness and length of the slice, straightness of the cut, presentation, neatness and speed among other aspects. Each contestant has an hour and a half to elaborate the perfect Spanish ham plate and so become the Best Ham Cutter of Spain in the Cutting Contest, Dehesa de Extremadura.

Jury 2021*:

Elena Dieguez, vice president of Dehesa de Extremadura.

Sara Cucala, journalist Libreria A punto.

Juan Francisco Hernandez, ham cutter Cielo de Urrechu.

Gonzalo Miró, radio and television collaborator.

Alberto Luchini, Jourmalist Newspaper El Mundo

Mario Sandoval, Chef restaurante Coque

Contestants 2021*:

Sergio Escudero Altea, (Vicar, Almeria)

Francisco García Sanmamed (Quintana de La Serena, Badajoz)

Geovany Almanza Molina (Salamanca)

Vicente García Ortega (Lucena del Puerto, Huelva)

Jorge Díaz Borreguero (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña)

Pedro Hernández González (Madrid)

*sujeto a cambios

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