2nd Mixing Contest Maeloc Cider

Salón Gourmets hosts the 2nd Mixing Contest Maeloc Cider where 9 contenders will fight for the title through three different rounds. The 1st part consists of a theory test and a blind tasting of Maeloc products. During the 2nd phase, contenders should elaborate an own designed cocktail with Maeloc Cider in no more than 7 minutes. The cocktail can be shaked or whipped in the mixing vessel or even in an electric mixer, it can also be poured out or served as a base to fill up other product in the glass. Four serves of the cocktail are required. The best four participants pass along to the final round where they will receive a box, same to all of them, with certain ingredients to elaborate a free cocktail and explain it in a total time of 11 minutes. Facing a professional jury that will take into account presentation, scent and taste, the winner is that who gets the highest number of points along the three phases achieving a 600€ prize.

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