2 Art of Knife Cutting National Competition Encinar de Humienta / Gourmets

In the 15th Century, the Marquess of Villena wrote an elaborated treatise on the art of meat cutting or cisoria, the original old Spanish word. The 2nd National Cisoria Art Championship Encinar de Humienta / Grupo Gourmets, is aimed to professionals who practice their activity in Spain, recovering the relevance of this basic and yet difficult art to master. During the first phase participants cut up a baron of beef where neatness of the cut, technique, ability, speed and order are awarded. In a second stage contestants elaborate a steak tartar taking into account presentation, originality and, of course, taste. 

Contestants 2021*:

Felipe Del Olmo Restaurant Terraza Felipe, Navacerrada (Madrid).

Amador Fernández Hotel Villa Guadalupe (Málaga).

Rafael García Restaurant Lutin, Cerceda (Madrid).

Iván Martínez Restaurant La Gran Vetusta,Oviedo (Asturias).

Cándido Turiel Restaurant Sazadón (Madrid).

Manuel Viseras Restaurant El Bache (Madrid).

Jurado 2021*:

Maxi Alesanco, Restaurant Latxaska Etxea (Madrid).

Javier Collar, El Encinar de Humienta.

Carlos González , Restaurant Botin (Madrid).

Raúl Hernández, Restaurant El Soportal (Madrid).

Pedro Larumbe, Restaurant Pedro Larumbe (Madrid).

Astrid Sveinsdottir Matute, Owner of Import Export de Carne.

*sujeto a cambios

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