13 Oyster Shucking Spanish Championship - Ecailleurs / Sorlut

A unique competition where contestants prove their mastery at manually opening 30 oysters in the shortest time. The contest at the 13th edition, sponsored by the French oyster company Daniel Sorlut, is aimed to professional oyster shuckers who practice their activity in Spain. The jury awards points for the opening technique, neatness, speed, skill and presentation while penalizes the presence of nacre and total or partial breakings. A bleeding wound in a contestant means the immediate disqualification.

Jury 2021:

Susi Diaz, Restaurant La Finca, Elche. Honor jury

Alberto Chicote, Restaurant Yakitoro, Madrid

Ana Lorente, Librería A Punto.

Oscar Caballero, journalist Club de Gourmets, La Vanguardia y Leer.

Ramón Ramírez, Restaurant el Invernadero de los Peñotes.

Luis Cepeda , Gastronomicom.

Daniel Sorlut, President at Sorlut Oysters.

Pepe Barrena, journalist El Mundo y Club de Gourmets.

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