11 National Cocktail Contest Panizo

Ten professional bartenders compete in the 11th National Cocktail Contest Panizo sponsored by the family company Destilerías Panizo, searching for the most harmonious and innovative cocktail. Each cocktail may be an aperitif, digestive or long drink and shall be elaborated with a maximum of 6 products, including dashes, and a minimum of two spirits, without containing more than 7cl. of alcoholic product. The jury, formed by representatives of national and international bartender associations, sommeliers and specialized journalists, takes into account, apart from the outcome, the variety of the ingredients, the presentation and the easiness of the elaborating process.

Jury 2021*

Pablo Martin,President of UAES

Custodio L. Zamarra, Honorary President of Madrid Sommeliers

Marcelino Rodríguez, Gastronomic critic

Carmelo Pérez, Former director Restaurante Zalacaín

Nan Ferreres, Director CETT Barcelona

Mayte Lapresta, Director Sobremesa Magazine

Javier Pérez de Andrés, Journalist

Ramón Ramírez Fresneda, President of FABE (Spanish Federation of Barman Associations).

Pepe Dioni , World President of IBA

Juan Carlos Muñoz Zapatero, Vicepresident of FABE.

*sujeto a cambios

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