11 GourmetQuesos, The Best Spanish Cheeses Championship

The GourmetQuesos Championship, that celebrates its 11th edition this year, is now established as the most important of those held in Spain as the number of cheeses presented grows every year since its beginnings in 2009: currently more than 800. Samples are blind tasted by a 60 member jury formed by professionals belonging to every stage in the cheese sector: technicians, master cheese makers, store managers, bloggers and gastronomic journalists, chefs, department store managers and restaurant managers. The contest awards various categories while also choosing an absolute winner as the Best Cheese of Spain.

Winners of the 10th edition, 2019 at 33 Salón Gourmets:

Best Cheese of Spain 2019: Flor de La Dehesa de la Quesería Los Casareños (Cáceres)

Second Price 2019: Granizo de Quesos La Rueda (Albacete)

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