1 Pizza Spanish Championship Gourmets 2020

For the first time Spanish Pizza Gourmets Championship is to be celebrated and the place choosen by the Spanish Association of Artisan Pizzerias is the Gourmets Salon. Jesús Marquina, known as Il Doctore Marquineti and elected Ambassador of the Pizza in Spain by the Italian Pizza Association, will be in charge of the championship, which is organized in 5 different categories: classic, pala, taglio, gluten-free and acrobatics, where the show is guaranteed. The winner of each category will represent Spain in the Mondiale della Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy. The championship is sponsored by several gourmet products brands: Albe will provide the 1st mozzarella produced in Spain for over 50 years by Lácteas del Jarama, Robo & Negrini, the main importer and distributor of Italian food and wines, will provide tomato for the base, the flour mill 5 Stagione is bringing the special one for pizza, Infrico and Frigicoll will plugged their cold containers and fridges to keep every product in optimal conditions, while Marana and Moretti Forni add the final touch with their ovens.All of them are also co-sponsors of Salón Gourmets.

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