1 Cheese Tunnel /MAPA

Traditional area in Salón Gourmets that now takes its place within the Universo#Alimentosdeespaña, Spanish Food Universe, a tunnel to discover and taste the best national cheeses. Cheese experts lead visitors through long tables where the 90 finalist cheeses of the 11th edition of GourmetQuesos, Best Spanish Cheeses Championship, are exhibited. From over 1.000 cheeses that annually concur to the competition, a jury formed by 60 tasters has chosen six finalist in each of the 15 categories, these are the ones that had gained their place in the Cheese Tunnel. Visitors are able to get familiar with production methods, places of origin and technics, most of them traditional, used in the elaboration of these artisan products. Goat, cow, mixture, smoked, blue, aged, young, creamy. The variety of cheeses produced in Spain is almost endless and the best can be enjoyed in this unique space, one of the busiest at the Salón.

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