We use apples collected in our orchards in optimal state of maturity. Once the apples are frozen, they are pressed to obtain a must rich in sugars with a yield of 12%. This must ferments with selected yeasts from our own cellar and matures for 3 months on its lees. It is then filtered and bottled.


Color: golden yellow with bright reflections, there is a lot of density with thick and persistent tear.

Smell: varietal aromas of green and ripe apple, on white fruits (peach and plum). With the passage of time an aroma of white flowers is highlighted.

Taste: presents a large volume. Due to its high residual sugar content, the input is sweet and soon gives way to a powerful acidity maintained and refreshing; the center of the mouth is eminently fruity predominantly citrus fruits (lemon, tangerine) and the end is infinitely long and of great fruit persistence.

Pairing: If you do not want to enjoy alone, its pairing would be fatty or ripe cheeses, duck or goose foie, canned, my cûit or fresh and above all a little sweet dessert where the fruit predominates, such as apple pie, peel Candied orange, tangerine, kiwi, strawberry, chocolate or nuts. 

Alcohol: 9% in Volume

Service temperature: between 5º and 7º

In El Gaitero Group, since our founding in 1890, we have traveled with our cider and Asturias throughout the world. Although cider is the company's first product, other apple derivatives such as sweets and juices have always been part of our range.

As far as food is concerned, we have a line of prepared dishes among which our GOURMET FABADA stands out (with Asturian PGI faba and companion from our region that does not contain additives or preservatives).

In addition, we are committed to the PDO SIDRA DE ASTURIAS since its inception and we have ciders of all the varieties that it contemplates and 3 brands welcomed to it, EL GAITERO, POMARINA and VALLE, BALLINA AND FERNANDEZ.

We also adapt to the new times with products such as our SPANISH CIDER GAITERO range (100% Apple, Red Grape and SIN) for young audiences or our 1898 ice cider for the most select palates.

Grupo El Gaitero is passion and commitment, it is delivery to our land and therefore, for just one year we are the sole owners of a special winery located in the Rioja Oriental, Real Agrado (project of which we are part of years ago). The Real Agrado wines are characterized by being made exclusively with their own grapes from the 100 hectares of their own vineyards, which allows controlling the entire production process and producing consistent wines with their own personality. So:-

The Classic Range has five traditional references: pink, white, young red, aging and reserve.

- The Raices Collection, aimed at the search engines of unique pieces, holds four “parcel wines” that are named after each one of them: Las Planas blanco reserva, Rodiles graciano, La Lobera four varietales and Canterabuey graciano (first wine from Viñedo Singular from Rioja).


In short, a wide and varied range of products for all palates and moments.

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