Pesfri crusts, your fish snacks

If something makes us different, it is our need to make new proposals for lovers of good food and also for those who like to enjoy new gastronomic experiences, and do it in a different and informal way. For them it is Pesfri.

Do you want to enjoy a totally new gastronomic experience?

Our cod crusts are a set of dining experiences that are totally different from what you have tried before. Its flavor, its crunchy texture.Try them and you will be trapped.

Tradition and artisan work are the foundations on which this company has been forged that has adapted to the new times driven by the trust of our customers. Much of our products are inspired by the rich gastronomic tradition of Vega Baja del Segura, in which salting - roe, mojama, chaplain, beautiful ... is part of our culture, and has been and continues to be present at all tables . To this wide range of traditional products we have incorporated other specialties in order to satisfy the most demanding palates. We distribute national and international brands, selected for their quality and price. Our philosophy is articulated around a main axis; The relationship quality and innovation.

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