• Exhibitor: GIRABEBE SL
  • Brand name: BROKER'S
  • Sector: GINEBRA

The spirit base of Broker's Gin is the pure grain distillate quadruple made of English wheat. The flavor is provided by ten natural botanical ingredients, the main one of which are the juniper berries, as in all gins. The botanical ingredients are soaked in the still for 24 hours. This is the first part of the flavor infusion process. The still is then activated for the fifth final distillation, which completes the process. The dry botanical ingredients come from all over the world and are sent to the distillery in sacks.

The botanists used in Broker's Gin and their sources are:

Juniper berries - Macedonia

Coriander seeds - Bulgaria

Root of Orris - Italy

Nutmeg - India

Cassia bark - Indonesia

Cinnamon - Seychelles

Licorice - Italy

Orange peel - Spain

Lemon peel - Spain

Angelica Root - Poland

The career of this company founded by KURT HOFER began in 2006 with the distribution of the ‘Twist & Drinks’ drink for children.

From 2009 with the aim of becoming the leading Spanish supplier of New World Wines, its catalog was expanded with a selection of wines, which now includes world-renowned brands such as HARDYS, ECHO FALLS, STOWELLS ANAKENA and BARREL SELECTION among others. Once the objective of being the main Spanish supplier of New World Wines has been achieved, Girabebe also expects to be a reference in the category of INTERNATIONAL and SPIRITUAL BEERS.

Today Girabebes.l. is an importer and distributor in Spain of important brands such as GREEN KING, MARSTONS, BROKER'S GIN, TEQUILA ROSE , ALSKA CIDER or THATCHERS. Girabebe S.L. works with the most important commercial areas in Spain: El Corte Inglés in Madrid, Carrefour, Dinosol in the Canary Islands, Supersol in Andalucia, Eroski, Consum, Mas y Mas, Alcampo and Musgrave. Its policy of expansion makes it possess one of the most complete and gourmet portfolios in Spain.

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