Helados ecológicos certificados por Eneek (cremas heladas y sorbetes)

  • Exhibitor: GELATI GELATI
  • Brand name: Gelati Gelati
  • Sector: HELADOS
  • Organic

We have a range of ice creams and organic sorbets, certified by ENEEK.

We have a wide range of organic flavors and we make ice cream tailored to the client.

Composition of our ice cream: Our fruit sorbets contain 70% fruit and 30% sugar. Example: Strawberry contains 70% organic strawberry and 30% organic sugar.

Our nut creams contain at least 20% of the dried fruit paste.

The ice cream is made from the beginning to the end, we produce our own hazelnut, almond paste, based on the product, in this case organic hazelnut or almond. In 2019 we have incorporated a mill that allows us to make our own dried fruit paste to our liking, and we also have an oven to toast these nuts.

Our ice cream weighs, that is to say a 2.5 liter bucket has an average weight of 2k, limiting the use of overrun, we do not air the ice cream, the ice cream has content, they are a product, it is a differentiating element from us regarding the market offer .

Specialists in the elaboration of the artisanal ice cream of the highest quality design tailored to the consumer seeking synergies with producers and artisans to give the greatest possible added value to their product.

We are strong defenders of the local product, in ecological and natural key. We work with suppliers from our environment, quality and close product advocates.

We have our own workshop located in Maruri-Jatabe and from there we serve our own GELATI GELATI stores and catering and other points of sale.

In all these years we have prepared more than 200 different flavors of ice cream, from the most common to the most “crazy” that have been requested, and our greatest satisfaction is that until now we have always managed to make our customers happy.

We have a vegan range and an organic ice cream range certified by ENEEK. Artisan ice creams where the product is important, our fruit sorbets are 70% fruit and 30% sugar, discover our idiazabal ice cream, butter bun, avocado, grapefruit, oreo, donuts, sesame, beer ice cream, save it barnacle sorbet, Gatika snail ice cream ... etc

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