Chickpea calluses

  • Exhibitor: GANCEDO
  • Brand name: Gancedo Gourmet
Our chickpea calluses are made with products of the highest quality, selected from the origin and cooked by hand to achieve the traditional flavor and satisfy the most exquisite palates.  This dish is suitable for microwave heating 2-3 minutes and ready to eat. WITHOUT glute and WITHOUT lactose.  

José Luis Gancedo S.L. is a family business dedicated to the product of casquería of bovine, sheep and pig origin, meat and fifth-end products. We are leaders in the sector, both nationally and internationally, thanks to the quality, excellence of our products and the work of a great human team. Among our customers are large areas, supermarkets and small establishments. We are specialists in casquería and we make fifth-range products such as Madrid calluses, lamb hands in sauce and beef cheek in sauce. In our facilities in the Mercamadrid Central Meat Market we have state-of-the-art machinery, cutting rooms, packaging, freezing tunnel and loading and unloading docks as well as exhibition and direct sale to professionals.

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