Dried Figs Frudesh from Spain

  • Exhibitor: FRUDESH NATURAL
  • Brand name: FRUDESH

Dry figs Pajarero variety, characterized by its thin skin and sweetness.

Gluten free product.

Product produced, processed and packaged in Spain.

Packaging format in a pad type bag, with weights from 100 Grams to 1 Kg.

We guarantee health and food safety from the source to the table of consumers.

Culture, tradition and flavor, characterize our products, which in dehydrated, are authentic.

Grupo Borgeños S.L, is an organization located in El Borge, province of Málaga in Spain.

We are a young and dynamic company.

We manufacture, package and distribute Natural dehydrated fruits, bathed in dried fruit chocolates, fruit and produce products derived from them, such as natural energy bars, fruit paste and chocolates.

Our distribution is carried out both nationally and internationally.

In our new business line, Grupo Borgeños, under the umbrella of its trademark Frudesh, launches dehydrated fruit and vegetables, chocolates and raw nuts with a new image and packaging much more impressive.

Ensuring all traceability, health and food safety from the source to the table of consumers.

Culture tradition and flavor characterize our products, which in dehydrated are the authentic.

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