Smoked anchovy

  • Exhibitor: FISH GOURMET
  • Brand name: FISHGOURMET

Of the variety engraulis encrasicolus, previously frozen before being processed.

Anchovy color and smoke flavor, respecting the anchovy's own taste.

Awarded with two stars at the Great Taste 2019 (London) with mentions like this:"Visually excellent, very plump and generous with an incredible aroma of smoked wood. The preparation and filleting of these anchovies is very precise and impressive. The texture is firm and fleshy. The smoky notes are intense but not overwhelming, a fabulous balanced mixture of notes of fish, salt and smoke. "

As a small family business, the founder transferred his knowledge from generation to generation, until nowdays we continue to strive to fulfill his dream. Make our product known, crossing borders, and with the same quality as always. Of course being true to our motto:"we do not want to reduce costs if we lose quality". Our product will always be the same. TRIBUTE TO THE FOUNDER.

Since 1985 its founder, a simple but tenacious and persevering man dedicated part of his life to the production of smoked sardine, being the pioneer in it and striving day by day to improve the product. Handmaded and with special care to reach the consumer in optimal conditions, without skin, spines or scales; It is our flagship product and its quality has been rewarded  with several prizes including: the iTQi 3 Stars Superior Taste Award 2016 Brussels and "Best of" 2018 in Paris. We have also obtenied awards for other products that are made with the same care therefore we have been rewarded with the iTQi 2017 for our cod and the iTQi 2018 and Great Taste 2019 for our tuna.

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