Premium syrups

  • Exhibitor: ESPADAFOR
  • Brand name: Dama de Baza Syrups
The new range of Siropes Premium Dama de Baza is specially created to add value to the moment of coffee. From the adored Chocolate to the character of Amaretto, through the classic Caramel, Vanilla and Cinnamon until you reach the unmistakable Irish mix. The intense flavors of Lady of Baza Syrups, combine perfectly with all kinds of coffees, teas and special mixtures in shakes, ice cream and slushies.

Industrias Espadafor was founded 80 years ago in Granada, a province located in one of the most representative regions of Spain: Andalusia. Specializing in the production of local wines, in 1978 Juan Espadafor decided to take a 180 degree turn in what he envisioned was going to be the future: non-alcoholic drinks.Currently, after four generations, Espadafor has become one of the leading companies in Europe in the production of non-alcoholic drinks.

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