Non-alcoholic Spritz cocktail ready to drink

  • Exhibitor: ESPADAFOR
  • Brand name: Cocktails La Celebración
  • Sector: REFRESCOS
  • New

Spritz, the trendy cocktail, ready to drink!

Without alcohol.

Already mixed. Add ice, a slice of orange and serve.

750ml format.

Industrias Espadafor was founded 80 years ago in Granada, a province located in one of the most representative regions of Spain: Andalusia. Specializing in the production of local wines, in 1978 Juan Espadafor decided to take a 180 degree turn in what he envisioned was going to be the future: non-alcoholic drinks.Currently, after four generations, Espadafor has become one of the leading companies in Europe in the production of non-alcoholic drinks.

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