Cabernet - Merlot - Syrah y Tempranillo

  • Exhibitor: ENATE
  • Brand name: ENATE
  • Sector: DO Somontano
Intense, very expressive nose with interwoven notes of berries (blackberries, sour cherries), spicy aromas (paprika, cumin, oregano) and aniseed, on the toffee and praline background offered by the barrel. Ripe, noble tannins ensure a broad, fleshy feel in the mouth. Flavourful and fresh on the palate, with a more rounded structure than the 2005 vintage and more powerful than the 2004. With long, seductive suggestions and an enveloping, elegant finish in which the toasty notes appear once again. Undoubtedly the freshest, most modern feeling varietals vintage.

Enate and art – they almost rhyme which is, perhaps, no coincidence – come together at a lofty point: the desire to create. When it began in 1992, the winery decided that the pairing of winemaking and contemporary culture would be an essential feature of its character. It was a tricky challenge from a business point of view as well as from an artistic perspective, but it was an undisputed triumph and was copied by others. The concept was a winner: the excellence of an idea is obvious once someone – in this case Enate – has been brave enough to work it out.

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