Small Chorizo for grill

  • Exhibitor: Emdeza
  • Brand name: Emdeza
  • Sector: CHORIZO

Small chorizo for grill and its spicy version, smoked with oak wood. Perfect for grilling or for frying. Available formats: 12 units tray, suitable for microwave (approximate weight: 300 gr).

Emdeza is a meat processing company located in Lalin, a reputed town in northwestern Spain, known as a benchmark for quality pork and beef products. Our activity is focused on the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of fresh and processed pork and veal. We specialize in cured and salted pork products where different varieties of Galician chorizos stand out (Galician style pork sausage).

Our origins

The lands of the Deza region, in the heart of Galicia (northwest part of Spain), are EMDEZA’shome region where we continue to develop our products today.The location and climatic characteristics of the natural surroundings of the Deza region havealways provided quality agriculture and livestock farming. There is no doubt about the factthat this gives EMDEZA products their distinctive taste.

Our brand values

  • Traditional smoked and tied. We preserve the traditional manufacturing methods that have always been used and thatcome from years of history and knowledge of the Galician rural: smoked with oak woodand tied by hand.
  • Time-honoured taste. We make our products with top quality meat which, along with the use of traditional techniques,guarantee that traditional taste.
  • Meticulous, controlled productions. Passion for a well-made product means that we look after and control productions, making ourproducts with meticulous care and attention.

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