Medallion made with rice, olive oil, onion and active carbon

  • Exhibitor: EMCESA
  • Brand name: NO MEAT MORCI
  • Sector: VERDURAS
  • New


Medallion, with the shape and appearance of black pudding, made with rices, olive oil, spices, caramel and activated charcoal

We are a meat products company, founded in 1986, that we work every day to offer our customers and consumers top quality food. A careful, traditional and innovative process that allows us to reach many points of sale and homes with a wide portfolio of products, covering their needs for variety, food, nutrition and well-being; with a high commitment to the environment and incorporating technological alternatives to the company that minimize the impact on the environment and at the same time measuring quality and food safety standards, being certified in IFS.Fruit of the work developed by its R&D department are the vegan products ("hamburger, blood sausage and sausage") presented in this Salon 

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