ECO Fuet, ECO Salchichón of Vic IGP and ECO secallona

  • Exhibitor: EMBOTITS SALGOT
  • Brand name: Embutidos curados ecológicos
  • Organic

 Ecological cured products elaborated with meats from the ecological pigs of our own farm, which is located at the feet of the Montseny Natural Park.

 Calmly cured, elaborated with the best recipes with the best meat, producing a final product of intense flavours, inimitable and sustainable. 


 We are a familiar company dedicated to the elaboration of charcuterie products.


Our goal has always been the elaboration of sausages for meals with relatives and friends.  Creating small moments so that you can enjoy and remember them.


Life is too good not to eat good sausages.


So we live, so we eat! 

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