Butifarra: white, black, egg and of perol

  • Exhibitor: EMBOTITS SALGOT
  • Brand name: Butifarra blanca, negra, huevo o de perol

 Every week we elaborate a range of cooked products for different moments and dishes.

Black butifarra: ideal for cooking with beans or for eating it warm with a bread toast. 

Butifarra of perol: for eating it warm together with white beans or with a bread toast.

White butifarra: typical product with pot smell, ideal for consumption at room temperature.

Egg butifarra: white butifarra adding egg. 

 We are a familiar company dedicated to the elaboration of charcuterie products.


Our goal has always been the elaboration of sausages for meals with relatives and friends.  Creating small moments so that you can enjoy and remember them.


Life is too good not to eat good sausages.


So we live, so we eat! 

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