Artisan Sheep Cured Cheese with Black Truffle 600 gr.

  • Exhibitor: ELFOS GOURMET
  • Brand name: ELFOS GOURMET
  • Sector: PASTA DURA
Elaborated by one of the gourmet excellence products, as is the BLACK TRUFFLE, a handmade sheep cheese with truffle, which not only will not leave anyone indifferent, but it is also comply with each and every one of the delicacies imposed by the most exclusive gourmet tastes.

ELFOS GOURMET is an INNOVATIVE company with 20 years of experience dedicated to the processing, elaboration and commercialization of  100% natural and artisan mycological products, specially the Truffle and Boletus

We  make each of our references with covered facilities of 2480 m2, responding to a requeriment of the specialized food industry. 

R + D + I is the main base for its development of our products.

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