Sheep Cream Cheese with White Truffle 100 gr. (Gluten free)

  • Exhibitor: ELFOS GOURMET
  • Brand name: ELFOS GOURMET

Gluten Free.

All lovers of the authentic and delicious 100% PURE sheep cheese with WHITE TRUFFLE of Elfos Gourmet, can enjoy it in this spectacular creamy texture, which not only surprises with its great culinary versatility, but also is the most exceptional, to delight us with a final touch , exquisite and fragrant, the one that gives it the authentic truffle it contains. Ideal for appetizers, combine with quinces, canapé with toasted bread, with nuts, with fresh fruits, with honey, as garnish with anchovies and fish. An ideal and amazing salty product, combining with all the sweet flavors.

ELFOS GOURMET is an INNOVATIVE company with 20 years of experience dedicated to the processing, elaboration and commercialization of  100% natural and artisan mycological products, specially the Truffle and Boletus

We  make each of our references with covered facilities of 2480 m2, responding to a requeriment of the specialized food industry. 

R + D + I is the main base for its development of our products.

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