Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle (100% natural)

  • Exhibitor: ELFOS GOURMET
  • Brand name: ELFOS GOURMET
The ripening without oxidation, its clean and exceptional natural aroma and the fast one volatility of our oils they permit its full tasting in dressings, always to the final of any culinary preparation that will be presented highlighted with a sound of distinction and subtlety. The extra virgin olive oil with WHITE TRUFFLE , is a natural and artisan profuct, made just with premium quality truffles. This oil delights us with a spectacular gold color perfect to give a delicious truffle flavor in all kinds of recipes whether sweet or salt.

ELFOS GOURMET is an INNOVATIVE company with 20 years of experience dedicated to the processing, elaboration and commercialization of  100% natural and artisan mycological products, specially the Truffle and Boletus

We  make each of our references with covered facilities of 2480 m2, responding to a requeriment of the specialized food industry. 

R + D + I is the main base for its development of our products.

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