EL GRIFO Malvasía Seco Colección

  • Exhibitor: EL GRIFO
  • Brand name: EL GRIFO Malvasía Seco Colección
  • Sector: DO Lanzarote
Dry white wine made with Malvasía Volcánica. This wine highlights and boosts the proper characteristics of this variety and its unique cultivation method, land covered by volcanic ash forming the landscape of the “La Geria” region. Over 300 vine growers participate, with over 600 privately owned small vineyards spread over all the growing areas of Lanzarote, which bring complexity to and widen the varietal character of our Malvasía Volcánica. Hand-picked at the end of July, we select the best bunches of grapes for its production. After a cold decantation of the must, we begin the fermentation at 16ºC, highlighting the floral character of this variety.

The oldest winery in the Canaries and among the ten oldest in Spain. We keep some grapevines from the 19th century, which ripen on the mountainside and are hand-picked one by one. The fire, the wind and the rock create the extreme conditions from which these wines of marked character and personality are born and with which we discover the soul of a land and a climate unique in the world.

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