Pressed cheese, goat and cow mixture with Ribera del Duero red wine, contribuiting to the sweetness of the goat the nuance of the dry fruit of the Ribera red wine, giving a result for the most exquisite palates. Its smell is aromatic and pleasant and creamy texture.

EL GRAN CARDENAL is a family business founded in 1951 and currently run by the third generation. The main activity is the elaboration of Queso Castellano, Fresh Cheese and Cottage Cheese with the brands "EL GRAN CARDENAL" and "MAMA VACA", which are attached to the quality brand "Tierra de Sabor".

We use only fresh milk collected 365 days a year from nearby cattle farms in Castilla y León, without powdered milk, without dyes or preservatives. All our cheeses are made following our family recipe.

With international recognition in our cheeses, awarded in the most prestigious national and international competitions:

- In 2016 we won the SUPER GOLD International Medal with our EL GRAN CARDENAL SHEEP´S MILK WITH TRUFFLE cheese and in 2017 we won the fourth International Gold Medal with our EL GRAN CARDENAL SHEEP´S cheese, which is added to those already obtained in the years 2009, 2010 and 2016.

- In 2018, our EL GRAN CARDENAL BLENDED IBERICO cheese has won the International Silver Medal that joins those already obtained in 2015 and 2016. Also in 2018, EL GRAN CARDENAL GOAT´S MILK WITH RED WINE "RIBERA DEL DUERO"  cheese also won the International Silver Medal.

- These awards join the rest of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won in different years by our cheeses.



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