Spanish Polvoron flavored in cinnamon (Shortbread cookie)

El Toro is one of our most renowned products. It’s a result of a family tradition that’s over 150 years old and is known for its delicious taste and soft texture. ??We make them by hand with the best ingredients (flour, sugar, Iberian pork lard and cinnamon), to keep captivating those who try them and get even more people interested in our brand.

Family-owned company Dulces Galicia SL elaborate their products under the Dulces El Toro® trademark. The business originated in Tordesillas (Valladolid) in 1850, when Fermín Galicia decided to open his establishment: Confitería Galicia.Since then, there have been six generations of confectioners that have saved and passed on their hundred-year-old recipes from parents to children.During all these years, our family has made sweets with a unique taste that can only be obtained through tradition and love for our work.

Our star product is the El Toro ® polvorón (Spanish shortbread), name patented by Amador Galicia in 1954, after four generations of pastry chefs since the business was founded. With time and by worth of mouth, it has become increasingly popular and helped the family brand reach further into the national market.

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