• Exhibitor: DON IBERICO
  • Brand name: DON IBÉRICO

It comes from pigs reared in the field in total freedom feeding on nuts, grasses, herbs and cereals.

Extremidades posteriores del cerdo sometidas a la acción de la sal y posteriormente a un proceso de secado y maduración que les otorga unas características especiales y unas propiedades nutritivas que los hace aptos para el consumo humano. Tiempo mínimo de curación 24 meses.


DON IBÉRICO’s history is that of four generations having an intimate bond with the earth, climate, and centenary tradition, pursuing a single objective: to make the most excellent hams and sausages. Since its foundation, DON IBÉRICO has been characterized by four values:

  • Our own breeding farm of Iberian pig stock.
  • Natural pastures where animals grow completely free.
  • Natural driers and cellar where our products mature gradually
  • 100% natural production

At present, DON IBÉRICO is a modern company loyal to its artisan origin, with installations perfectly equipped with the lattest advances in the meat industry, which allows it to obtain top-quality Ibérico ham and sausages, with singular scents, flavour and textures.

DON IBÉRICO is a market leader, solid and stable company with an experience of over a century in the sector capable of satisfying the most demanding national and international markets.



Quality is foremost, at Don Ibérico, we submit all of our products to the most rigorous and renown quality controls for the sake of our client’s absolute satisfaction. 

  • All DON IBÉRICO products are certified by Calicer, a company accredited by ENAC (Nacional Accreditation Entity), assuring compliance with the requirements sent forth by the Ibérico Standard, guaranteeing the products quality. Therefore, both end clients and final consumers are assured that they have before them a product which complies with strictly defined quality-related criteria.
  • DON IBÉRICO exports its products to many countries. In Europe, its presence in United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland, France and Portugal is worth hightlighting. We are also present in places further away like Iceland or the French Plynesia.  In addition, Don Ibérico is accredited to export to: Japan, South Korea, Chile, Hong Kong, Panamá, México and Brazil.



Now, as ever, our products are produced according to traditional methods, such as a smoking process for sausages with natural oak wood, giving them a unique bouquet. Our family ham secret is that we give it a low salt content.. This salting point makes us different since that we respect the Acorn taste.  

In our desire for total quality, at DON IBÉRICO, we are also concerned with offering presentations according to the needs of each client. Each of our specialties provides the palate with an exquisite bite of incomparable quality. Its delicate aroma and exquisite flavor represent an unparalleled pleasure that exalts all the senses.             

Texture, aroma and unique flavour; natural products of craftsmanship, tradition, vivid , bright colours, full of life: these are the unique qualities of products DON IBÉRICO. Here are our products, food for the soul and pleasure for the body with a special gift: DON IBÉRICO.


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