The Diez Siglos Verdejo is our most famed – not only because it gives its name to our winery, but also because of its excellent quality. Carefully fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged on its own lees, it gains body and a perfect structure.

The Diez Siglos winery is a relatively young project, although it’s also one with extensive background. It was born in 2009 thanks interest from a group of people who love both wine and the land where they live, who have a clear desire to keep alive the ages-old legacy of one of Spain’s most exciting grape varieties: Verdejo. A group of 65 vine growers who know and love the land, and who, day by day, care for it and work to obtain grapes of incredible quality. Moreover, they’ve brought high-profile experts on board in order to produce high-quality wines, using winery controls and today’s most cutting-edge technology; wines that, over the course of their short lives, are already growing in importance and gaining recognition at both national and international level.

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