Weissbier certified organic craft beer.

Complex golden yellow beer, with the classic turbidity of Belgian wheat beers. It has a very white foam, thick and medium high persistence. Balanced aromas among which stand out the memory of banana that integrates with green aromas of fresh grass, coriander, raw grain and those contributed by yeast. Complex and intense flavor, where citrus and herbal hops stand out. The entry into the mouth causes a certain feeling (mild sweetness). However, the end of the mouth is dry with a bitter touch provided by the orange peel and with a soft finish and spicy drink. Texture: the sensation in the mouth is creamy, medium body, not heavy but full in the mouth. The orange and banana aromas appear again in the retronasal and remain with a certain persistence. 4%Vol. Alc. - Pairing: salads. Smoked fish Soft cheeses Spicy food.

Cooperativa from the social economy dedicated to the manufacture of craft and / or organic beer with an Andalusian accent. We also manufacture for third parties with their own recipe, in addition to special personalized editions and events.

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