• Exhibitor: DESTIBERICA
  • Brand name: EVOKE
  • Sector: GINEBRA
  • New

Evoke Distilled Gin Flavoured Watermelon is made from pure high quality grain alcohol in which the carefully selected botanical ingredients and watermelon are macerated. Afterwards, this mixture is distilled in copper still, thus obtaining a premium gin of exceptional smoothness, due to its five distillations.

The master distiller has achieved an excellent balance of flavours, where the scent of watermelon is slightly perceived, without being predominant over the aromas of juniper berries and botanicals. With a pale pink colour, its presentation is elegant thanks to the stylized shape of its bottle. To the palate is soft and slightly sweet.

We are a young company based on a long family background within the sector of the elaboration of beverages.

Our spirits, distilled according to traditional methods, are elaborated to satisfy the most exquisite palates.

We are located in Denia, a seaside town on the Costa Blanca with a deep-rooted gastronomic tradition.

Our philosophy is to offer professionalism in dealing with our customers and partners, as well as excellence in our products. This is the only way to keep growing nationally and internationally.

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