Laboratory equipment supply

Laboratory equipment and auxiliary for the food industry

Instrumental, glass and volumetric materia

lDetectable material and protective equipment Means and reagents

Plastics, disposable and fungibleReagents for wastewater treatment

We have headquarters in Santiago de Compostela and commercial offices in Madrid, Valencia and Portugal, we offer, since 2004, global services to food companies.

At Corporación Laber we perform laboratory analysis of requirements requested by third countries for export as well as laboratory analysis of food and water, and all types of microbiological analysis, heavy metals, histamine, norovirus, biotoxins, etc.

Our laboratory is accredited by ENAC in ISO 17025 with accreditation number 11889 / LE2231 and 1189 / LE2232. Likewise, we carry out the inspection of discharge water acting as a Collaborating Company of the Administration. We also have a consulting service for the implementation of quality and food safety standards such as IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, etc. And, in addition, we supply laboratory and auxiliary equipment for food industries. We also have an innovation department that allows us to carry out any required study: of useful life, of comparative tastings of products, of search for subsidies and of financing of research projects and we offer the possibility of outsourcing customer service services to resolve complaints. , services of selection, homologation and monitoring of suppliers, quality management, etc. being protected by a legal department to keep updated all the documentation required by current legislation.

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