Characteristic tomato from the Navarrese fields

Characteristic tomato from the Navarrese fields, fleshy and tasty, ideal for kitchen use.

It is grown in summer near our facilities and it is harvested by hand between the months of July and September.

Viuda de Cayo elaborates canned vegetables for more than 70 years, where she has achieved a leadership position thanks to her commitment to quality, designations of origin and respect for the natural flavor of Navarre products.

Located in the Ebro valley, the brand has based its work on experience, rigor and commitment to local production. Viuda de Cayo offers a selection of products from the Navarre Ebro valley.

Canned vegetables in the most natural way and under rigorous selection and quality criteria. Piquillo peppers PDO Lodosa, Asparagus from Navarra Protected Geographical Indication, Tudela Artichoke Protected Geographical Indication, extra-fine baby beans, extra-thin leeks, vegetable stew, Navarra cardoon, tomato, beans and chickpeas.

Recently the brand has developed a complete range of BIO canned vegetables.

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