Small sardines in olive oil

Sustainably captured at dawn in their Atlantic fishing grounds using traditional fishing methods. We select small specimens and carefully clean them, cutting the head and fins and gutting them one by one. After cleaning in brine, they are steam-cooked and packed, also naturally.

We are dedicated to the production and sale of fine canned fish and seafood, made with the best raw material from the coast of Galicia the best fishing grounds of Atlantic Ocean. Our facilities, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, are a benchmark in the sector because its design and technology, but inside we continue working as our ancestors did, in an artisanal way, faithful to our commitment to tradition, respect to the sea and its customs and the illusion to continue doing what we are most passionate about: conserving the sea. All this to offer our customers the best canned fish and seafood that can be found in the market: authentic jewels of Spanish cuisine.

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