Natural Salty bacon marinated in garlic, black pepper and oregano. Naturally cured for at least 6 weeks and lightly smoked with oak firewood. Ideal to be consumed either raw or cooked. Also available a variety soaked in "La Vera" paprika. WITH NO PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL COLOURING, AND GLUTEN FREE.

30-years old company in the meat industry that is dedicated to the traditional production of cold meats, “Chorizo” and "Cecina de León I.G.P." (the unique beef ham in the world with Protected Geographical Indication). Our philosophy is to provide always the highest quality in our products and to keep the traditional recipe. All our products are gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs. We have entered into exclusive quality brands such as "Cecina de León I.G.P.", "Food Artisans Association of Castile and Leon" and "Tierra de Sabor". We have been awarded with the Gold Medal for our Cecina de León I.G.P. in the "Artisan Awards 2014", and the Silver Medal for our Extra Beef Chorizo in the "Artisan Awards 2019".

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