• Exhibitor: CECINAS PABLO
  • Brand name: CECINAS PABLO
  • Sector: CHORIZO

 Another main product of Cecinas Pablo is the Chorizo de León. It is a traditional cold meat from Leon, a region in Spain. It is made with first quality ingredients:lean pork, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano. This chorizo is slightly smoked with oak or holk-oak wood.

The climate from the region (cold and frosts) benefits the curing process of this cold meat. This makes the product appropriate for lactose or gluten free diets.

 The origins of Cecinas Pablo date back to Cárnicas Pablo, a butcher shop in the center of the town of Astorga. Given the impossibility of finding cecina and traditional sausages, they are manufactured in the basement of their establishment, recovering the artisanal process. In 1993, the Cecinas Pablo brand started its activity in the new facilities. Since then it has experienced 2 extensions, the result of the constant growth in national sales and exports.

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