Blister sliced 80 gr. PREMIUM over 18 months curing time

  • Exhibitor: CECINAS NIETO
  • Sector: CECINA
 We select the best of our production for the PREMIUM Brand. Cecina de León IGP RESERVA more marbling and outside fat; everything made in an natural way: just beef, salt and smoke. Slices are air-packed in Sacovitta bags and preserve all of the freshly cut nutritional and organoleptic properties (color, fragance, flavor and texture). Get unparalleled freshness. Thanks to the adhesive flap it can be opened numerous times since it ca be closed again after the package is opened. This format can be made sliced by hand (carved).

 CECINAS NIETO is a family business which was founded in 1965 by José Nieto Blas, the descendent of a family of muleteers from la Maragateria (a district in the eastern part of León). It is here that he learned the traditional techniques for preparing dried beef Cecina de León. These were the beginnings of a project which continues to this day, whose essential motivation is to provide a QUALITY product, prepared with care and expertise hand down through generations.

The combination of the elements: Land, Water, Wind, Fire and Time, transform the Cecina de León into a product that is NATURAL

 Then, Cecinas Nieto produces 100% of its Dried beef production under the rules of the IGP Cecina de León Council, following all the regulations regarding the quality of the raw material, healing and care of the meat. Moreover, we also make Smoked cured Ham, dried loin and sausages with the best quality and know-how.

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