Encapsulated BASIL olive oil

  • Exhibitor: CAVIAROLI
  • Brand name: Caviaroli

Olive oil made with fresh-pressed basil, resulting in an oil with a strong aroma and basil flavour.  

Uses: Perfect for tomato salads and cheeses like burrata and mozzarella. Goes well with vegetables (raw, roasted, pickled or marinated), purees and mashes, stews and legumes, as well as with fish and shellfish. It’s a great accompaniment for red meats, pastas, doughs, pizzas and tacos, as well as for fruit and chocolate. Especially well-suited for desserts and avant-garde dishes. 

CAVIAROLI is a young, family-run company that has brought all their entrepreneurs’ technological capacities together to create a range of exclusive food products.  

The team’s commitment to innovation and quality has led to its first range of products: olive oil caviar, under the same name as the brand itself – CAVIAROLI.  

CAVIAROLI products are based on solid communication between all parties involved in their production, marketing and use. Close relationships with exceptional olive oil producers, encouraging feedback from committed distributors and responding to the demand of the most renowned chefs is, therefore, essential. CAVIAROLI end-users and their diners are, therefore, able to enjoy products created with top-quality olive oils, providing a wide range of culinary possibilities for avant-garde cuisine.

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