onion black pudding with almonds

Blood sausage that collects all the flavor of generations of an area of ??Spain where this sausage is made with that hue that brings the almond

Meat Campohermoso, located in the Almeria town that takes its name, was born in the mid-sixties under the features of a small artisan butchery. That first establishment, which in just over a decade experience spectacular growth to meet the high demand for its products, is now a modern factory dedicated to the production and distribution of meat and sausages of high quality. True to its origins, the company has grown in term of Campohermoso, a population that lives up to its name.A name, a brand that guarantees taste, quality and service.We are in a privileged environment,located within theboundaries of theNatural ParkCabo de Gata-Nijar.

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