• Exhibitor: CAFE PLATINO
  • Brand name: VIVEZA
  • Sector: INFUSIONES
  • Organic


Rooibos, anís, regaliz, melisa 


CAFÉ PLATINO presents for the first time in the Gourmets Hall a unique and rigorously superior selection of Origins and Qualities with its own character.

Inspiration, sensations, excellence and genuine elegance intermingle in this exquisite selection of 100% Arabica Coffee grains.

The result of an exclusive ritual, which begins capturing all the essence of this raw material in its place of origin, and ends in the most select palates.

The new image of VIVEZA, teas and infusions complements its proposal, a delicate range of pyramids of the highest quality individually enveloped.

Visit our stand attended by renowned baristas and savor our proposal.

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