• Exhibitor: BUBA CAMARON
  • Brand name: BUBA CAMARÓN
  • Sector: CRUSTÁCEOS
Bubacamaron boiled and frozen shrimps grow in rocks and are captured in Northern Atlantic cold waters. Their diet consists on seaweed and zooplankton, no damage is suffered during the capture and they are selected by hand and afterwards cooked following the highest quality standards.
Bubacamaron main goal is to get the best possible frozen product done to perfection in sea water steam and ultra frozen by tunnel to be enjoyed by the most discerning palates.

Buba Camarón is part of Buba Group, commercial Brand property of Global Runner S.L. It was recently founded by recognized entrepreneurs  of more than 40 years of experience in the fishing and distribution sector. Our main business line is the production and distribution of extra quality seafood. We manage few products but trying to be the best ones on those items. We take extremely care of our product as well as its presentation. We have presence on the most demanding markets  in Spain and around the world.

Buba Group is continuously growing and we have recently added two new lines of business, a processing factory for Sardine in Morrocco and another one for Yellow Fin Tuna in Oman.

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