• Exhibitor: BRAVOLEUM
  • Brand name: Hacienda el Palo Premium
It has aromas of grass, apple and almond, with important notes of olive leaf, tomato and artichoke to a lesser extent. In the mouth is an oil with a bitter medium and a little more intense and pleasant.

Aceites Hacienda El Palo is a company with a long history in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, uniting tradition and being at the forefront of its sector we manufacture an excellent quality olive juice. Our oils are known worldwide being prizes with both national and international awards.This year we were awarded by the government of Spain the prize of Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Bravoleum is in the best restaurants and hotels and is a benchmark in supermarkets.Aceites Hacienda El Palo is present on the shelves of the most important supermarkets.

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