Irish extra stout | ABV: 6,3%

  • Exhibitor: BOGA GARAGARDOA
  • Brand name: Boga Beltza

Cerveza negra de estilo irlandés. Textura sedosa con abundante espuma y un amargor equilibrado. Aromas y sabores intensos a café, chocolate, vainilla y maltas torrefactas.

Color negro, textura sedosa y espuma abundante. Aroma intenso a café, chocolate y vainilla. Sabor dulce dominante a maltas tostadas y caramelo. Tiene un final largo con un amargor medio-seco.

Ideal para acompañar pescados, mariscos, mejillones y almejas; quesos fuertes y suaves, jamón ibérico, carne de cerdo y chucrut. Increíble con chocolates y postres dulces como trufas, milhojas, pastel vasco e intxaursalsa.

Cerveza de carácter Pirata, un guiño a los corsarios vascos que asaltaban buques de la armada Inglesa y española.

We are young and nonconformist, convinced that another world and another beer culture is possible. Therefore, we decided to go to sea and undertake a collective adventure with its own name: Boga! The sea is part of our culture and has a close relationship with Basque gastronomy and sports. It is also a symbol and metaphor of beer for its millenary nature, the strength of its waves, its freshness, etc.

In addition, the Boga brand connects with the beginnings of our history, when 10 years ago we started to make the first liters of craft beer for several social centers in Bilbao. In the same place where we tried to generate a small alternative of leisure and productive against the monopoly of the multinational breweries, lay a graffiti work of the famous Niño de las pinturas that expressed very well the spirit of our business project: A young trawler paddling with the strength of the team, protagonists of their own history, with the illusion of facing the future and changing everything around them.

The ingredients are as basic as our principles. Water, malt, hops and yeast. That mixed with joy they offer a Basque beer, naturally and socially and environmentally committed. The trip began in 2014 with the construction of the ship that allowed us to sail with force from the Biscay coast and then cross the seas along and width of the world.

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