ELABORATION This wine comes from the Tempranillo (90%) and Graciano (10%) varieties. It has been produced after the selection of different specific areas of the family's

oldest vineyards. Its aging is completed with a stay of 14 months in French oak barrels, until reaching its fullness with the rest of 12 months in the bottle.

TASTING Garnet cherry color of medium high layer, glyceric, with a slight reddish trim. Intense aroma, combining red and candied fruit with spices, cocoa, and creams.

Well assembled wood. Pleasant, complex and balanced palate with a retronasal, pleasant and presistent sensation. PARTICULARITIES • Alcoholic degree: 13.5% vol.

* Capacity: 750 ml • Serving temperature: 16 - 18 ºC * Bottle type: Burgundy • Pairing: Recommended for game meat and roasts, spiced stews or in sauces and cheeses.

 Wine of exceptional quality and careful preparation, made with the latest technology but with his eyes turned toward the wisdom of hundreds of years This is our philosophy. Achieve it, this is our illusion that year after year is renewed, because our life is, has been and will be the wine. Enjoyit!

Technology: Our wines are obtained by stripping and after a deposit time, (where the temperature controlled fermentation is realized). After this, the wine if filtered and selected by qualities in our tasting room. Then part of the wines bottled and the other part goes into oak barrels leading to the “crianza stage”. From here, our marketing and sales departments start their operations. All our wines proceed from the 50 hectares that the family has in the Oyon zone in Rioja and Peñafiel in Ribera del Duero. Vineyards of different ages where Tempranillo are especially dominant variety. The performance of our vineyards controlled to 4000 kg / ha allows us to maintain exceptional quality grape parameters.

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