Unique, pure, artisanal. Without makeup

El Buen Alfarero means ‘The Good Potter’, a craftsman whose hands mould clay to make unique pieces, each different, each containing a piece of his soul as he breathes life into every fragment that passes through his hands. Fragile pieces, pampered and cared for from the start, kept and shown as if they were small trophies that can only be had by one.That is what this wine is, pure and unique. So, in addition to 100% artisanal vinification, there are no two identical bottles, as we have dressed them with our own hands. Imperfect yet wonderful pieces. Small conquests that we wish to show and savour with our friends.This privilege can only be enjoyed by a few in this first edition, as we have only produced 1,614 bottles that we offer you in individual, hand-numbered wood boxes.

We are a family winery located in one of the top quality areas in Ribera del Duero. We make sustainable wines with our own grapes. Innovation and risk are always present in our unique creations such as El Buen Alfarero, El Cuentista or El Retablo.

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