Harvest: The second week of September in a manual way and selected in the vineyard by grape harvesters. The harvest was carried out in 12 and 20 kg plastic boxes that can be stacked for transport. September 18 to October 20, quite warm weather and little rain.    

Wine making: Pressed the grape goes to a separate tank to start the first alcoholic fermentation, at a controlled temperature of 16-18 degrees. Total 8 days. It will keep evolving in a stainless steel vat until it is bottled by batches, always out of contact with oxygen, seeking longevity, with minimal oxidation. Decanted naturally by the winter cold. Filtered by cold.  

Bottling: Early March and August 2019  

Tasting Notes:  

·       Color: Bright yellow straw, with many greenish reflections, symbol of youthfulness and varietal.

·       In Nose: Very expressive, playful and fresh with an intensity of very defined aromas. Complex aromas, balance between tropical and oriental aromas (according to years). The Spanish apple in the first steps green and becoming more mature. Tropical pineapple and mango and lychee or eye of dragon as oriental aromas. Floral aromas as lavender and aniseed. Also fennel. Hay and freshly cut grass commonly of Verdejo.

·       On the Palate: Juvenile and expressive in his birth, Gallant walking through the months. Very fruity and playful that fills the mouth with freshness. First sip is elegant, emphasizing on the half palate its acidity. The balance between tropical and oriental flavors is seen again, a faithful olfactory reflection. Balanced and harmonic without bumps. Malic background to start. Long finished flavors. Malic background for being 100% Verdejo. It is long and intense also retronasal.


On the banks of the Duero, keeping the richness of a soil that was once a river, the lands where our wines are born extend.

Linaje Garsea wines are born from the love of 7 brothers who receive the legacy and try to turn it into an expression of respect, passion and good work.

Third generation family winery with its own vineyard (55 hectares) with vineyards over 45 years, distributed by the D.O. Ribera del Duero.

The most important pillars of the Winery are the Naturality and Health of the wines. Wines made in an artisanal and natural way, which reflect the rich soils from which they come and the magic of knowing how to combine the different types of French, American, Spanish and Hungarian oak barrels. All this with the Tempranillo grape as the protagonist who lets itself be loved and cared for in dry land that does not admit anything other than the natural environment and the sustainability.

We invite you to discover our wines, full of flavor, expressive and with character. But if you like white varieties, don't miss our Verdejo 100% from D.O. Rueda as well as our rosé from D.O. Cigales

If you are looking for high expression wines, then you are in the most successful place.

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